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FOX NEWS POLL: Women Been Treated Just Fine Throughout History

NEW YORK, NY— A just-released poll by Fox News reveals that women have been treated “just fine” throughout all of history. Pollees were asked to rate the treatment of women throughout each historical era on a scale from one (not well) to 10 (WAY too well).  While every era earned an average rating of at least five (just fine), ever since the women’s suffrage movement, women have achieved an average score of seven (too well) or above. 

These impressive results show how much the times have changed but it appears some women are a little slow in catching on. Of the 8% of pollees who were women, none rated their treatment as above five in any historical period, directly contradicting the vast majority of the data.

The Left has seized upon this small minority to attack the methodology of the entire poll, claiming the results are invalid just because 85% of pollees were white men over the age of 60.

“They are saying that if you’re older or white your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re not a full human being,” Laura Ingraham said on her program last night. She continued, “We should help these women understand how well they’re treated, not attack the vast majority who already get it.”

This is only the first in a series of women’s issues polls Fox News is conducting where older white men will be asked to review everything from black women’s hair to what pregnancy feels like.