A nurse putting a bandaid on the arm of a woman wearing a mask in a doctor's office

LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED: Americans Are Getting Vaccinated And Going Back To Normal Like Benghazi Never Happened

Americans are shopping, eating indoors at restaurants, kids are going back to school and it’s starting to feel like the 2012 incident in Benghazi never happened.

“My entire family is fully vaccinated and it feels great to finally hug my mother who I’ve only seen over Zoom for the past year,” Mary Witson, 44, told us. She continued, “Yesterday I went back to my favorite restaurant for the first time since the pandemic began and it was as delicious as ever.” Throughout the course of her entire interview, Witson did not mention Benghazi once.

When asked about being vaccinated, Eric Messin, 62, told us, “I have some survivor’s guilt when I think about the more than 600,000 Americans who passed away from this horrible virus. At some point we gotta get back to normal though, right?” As you can see, it’s almost as if Messin has completely forgotten about Benghazi and the four Americans who lost their lives so tragically under Obama’s watch.

In what will go down as the Benghazi/COVID era, it seems people are so focused on the COVID that they’re disregarding the Benghazi. So who is this good for? It’s good for Hillary Clinton. She’d be happy if the entire world got vaccinated and pretended Benghazi never happened.

If we ignore Benghazi like Hillary wants and don’t learn from our mistakes then history will repeat itself. I don’t think anybody wants to see another attack on U.S. government facilities in the Libyan city of Benghazi, or another world-wide pandemic. So ask yourself. When’s the last time you talked to your loved ones about Benghazi?