Tucker Carlson's face with different women's hands surrounding it in the shape of a heart

TUCKER CARLSON: If Our Country Is So Racist Then Why Don’t I Find Anything Anyone Says Racist?

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue: 

If you listen to liberals, we live in a systemically racist country. This is their way of saying that everyone and everything in America is racist, especially you, my viewers, who they claim are the most racist just for loving this great country and its heritage.

There’s just one gaping flaw in their “everything is racist” narrative. If our country is really so racist, then why don’t I, Tucker Carlson, find anything anyone says racist?

If systemic racism is prevalent, wouldn’t the host of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight find at least one thing someone has said to be racist? The truth is that I don’t and neither do my intelligent, patriotic, free-thinking, handsome viewers, who are all victims of the Left’s assault on America.

So next time you hear someone call America racist, you look them dead in the eye and say, “Oh yeah? If America is so racist then how come Tucker Carlson says it’s not?”