Tucker Carlson with a background of $100 bills

THE BIG MONEY: Tucker Carlson Offers 7.25% Of His Trust-Fund To Anyone Who Can Prove White Privilege Is Real

WASHINGTON, DC— It all started when Tucker Carlson was joking around and signing autographs for a couple of cops who had pulled him over for speeding. As he hugged the officers goodbye, he pretended to reach for their guns and everyone laughed.

As Tucker got back in his car and peeled out, he thought about how sad it was that liberals would label his beautiful interaction with law enforcement as an example of white privilege. “It’s so stupid,” he thought. How can I prove to the world that white privilege doesn’t exist?” Then it hit him.

What if he took a brief pause from saying whatever he wanted on national television, and offered the liberals a challenge? He’d cough up 7.25% of his trust fund to anyone who could definitively prove that white privilege is real. 

The challenge was officially announced on Tuesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight and submissions can be mailed to the Carlson Family accountant’s manor.