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When This Immigrant Struggled To Understand English Tucker Carlson Hired A Translator And SLAMMED Him

WASHINGTON, DC— It started when a Mexican restaurant screwed up Tucker Carlson’s order. To make matters worse, Tucker’s subsequent stream of insults wasn’t landing because his immigrant waiter, José Lopéz, didn’t have full command of the English language. 

While most Fox News hosts would have just left a bad tip and ranted about immigration on their next show, Tucker Carlson isn’t most Fox News hosts. Tucker retained the services of Michael Packings, a professional translator in the DC area, and returned to District Tacos to give Lopéz a piece of his mind. 

Sources report that it was a total rout with Lopéz apologizing over and over again while Tucker and Packings tag-teamed to SLAM him. 

A cell phone video of the incident has gone viral and already racked up 1,000s of anti-immigrant comments.