Tucker Carlson wearing a doctors outfit with a bowie

TUCKER CARLSON: Anyone Playing It Safe During A Global Pandemic Is A F*cking Idiot

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue:

Are liberals stupid? No really, I’m being serious, are they? They’re erring on the safe side during a pandemic that’s left millions dead. That seems pretty stupid to me.

I’m not making this up — there are fully vaccinated Americans wearing masks just in case a virus that brought the world to its knees is still transmittable through them. It’s idiotic!

We actually still don’t know every single thing about COVID-19. That is a fact. That’s what we do here, we talk about facts. So if the science isn’t totally settled, why are liberals acting out of an abundance of caution?

I’m not trying to be crude but there’s just no other way to put it: Anyone playing it safe during a global pandemic is a fucking idiot.