Donald Trump raising his fist and speaking into a microphone with a background grid of black and white images of a diverse group of people

“EVEN THE WORST ONES!”: Trump Declares Love Of All Races

PALM BEACH, FL— In a beautiful press release, Donald Trump has declared his love for all races, “even the worst ones!” It comes at a time when hate crimes are on the rise under the Biden Administration and many Americans miss the post-racial utopia of the Trump era. 

It seemed to be just what the country needed to hear, but some liberals have taken issue with the language Trump chose when expressing his love, and have even gone so far as to condemn his message as — you guessed it, racist. This has left many conservatives confused. 

“He’s saying it doesn’t matter what race you are, or how terrible that race is, he still loves you. To me it sounded a lot like something Jesus would say,” Matt Chris, 38, told us. He continued, “it’s sad that liberals are so full of hate they can mistake a message of love for one of racism.” 

When a member of the press asked which races are “the worst ones,” Trump was combative, telling the reporter, “you know, you know, don’t ask me that because you know.” 

While it’s sad to see Trump falsely accused of racism, It’s important to remember that the left calls everything racist. Let’s ignore the liberal blather and no matter what race we are, no matter how awful that race is, let’s unite to bask in the love of this great man.