Elderly woman looking at a laptop screen with a map showing Benghazi on it

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: New Pharmaceutical Could Be Key To Helping Dementia Patients Remember Benghazi

NEW YORK, NY— Pfizer has entered the second stage of clinical trials on a novel treatment they say could be key to helping dementia patients remember Benghazi.

“There is no greater pain than watching a loved one with dementia degenerate to the point where they can’t remember their family, their own identity, or the 2012 incident in Benghazi,” said Dr. Friedrich Kleinswalter, who is conducting the trial. He continued, “After just three weeks of our drug regimen, 90% of late-stage dementia patients are able to remember Benghazi.”

While study participants were still unable to recognize immediate family or remember their own names, when shown a picture of Hillary Clinton, 84% responded with the middle finger. A control group given a placebo only responded with the middle finger 30% of the time. This demonstrates not only increased recognition of Hillary Clinton, but possibly of her failures leading up to and following the Benghazi crisis as well.

The results are so promising that Dr. Kleinswalter has submitted the drug to the FDA for emergency use authorization and is currently awaiting their decision.