Collage containing: Tesla logo, handicap sign, LGBT rainbow flag, Donald Trump, American flag with soldier saluting, confederate flag, Proud Asian American cardboard sign

WELL SHIT: Nation Unsure What Narrative To Use After Disabled Transgender Asian Veteran Trump Supporter Crashes Tesla Into Confederate Monument

A disabled transgender Asian veteran Trump supporter crashed a Tesla into a confederate monument early this morning. The entire nation is now struggling to comprehend how such an event can fit into their narrative.

Sean Hannity addressed the incident on his program saying, “Joe Biden failed to…The LGBT agenda…Elon Musk?…I’ve got nothing.”

Rachel Maddow said the crash was, “What happens when Trump’s supporters…look, we all respect veterans…these monuments…Okay, yeah, I don’t know.”

Tucker Carlson put up a picture of the scene of the crime and squinted at it for a full three minutes of dead air before moving onto another story.

There are numerous reports of Americans from across the political spectrum who tried to whip themselves into a frenzy of outrage and instead grew confused and introspective. Really, all anyone can say is, “well shit.”