Lombard Street in San Francisco with Planned Parenthood logos all over the buildings

There Are Now More Planned Parenthoods In San Francisco Than There Are Children

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— A disturbing milestone was reached today as Census Bureau data confirmed there are now more Planned Parenthood clinics in San Francisco than there are children. 

Many on the right consider this terrifying, however Planned Parenthood and the people of San Francisco appear to feel otherwise. Planned Parenthood held a celebratory press conference this afternoon to mark the occasion.

“I want to thank employees, Democrats, wealthy donors, but most of all YOU,” said Katheryn Gardner, a spokeswoman for the organization. She continued to booming applause, “You are what made this possible. With your tax money we will repeat our success in all major cities before going world-wide and eventually into space!”

Planned Parenthood now manages a multi-billion dollar real estate portfolio spanning the Bay Area that contains over 16.2 million square feet of brick and mortar clinics.