Black and white image of migrants in a home-made tent with circles around a woman's hello kitty pants and another woman's regular t-shirt. Inside of the circles in color.

DISRESPECTFUL: More And More Migrants Are Showing Up At The Border Dressed Like Shit

Pressure is mounting from conservatives for the Biden Administration to officially declare a fashion crisis on the US-Mexico border. 

“This is getting ridiculous, we’re seeing surge after surge of migrants,” Tucker Carlson said on his program, continuing, “They’re dressed like absolute shit.” 

Horrifying photographs back up Carlson’s assertion, including one especially disturbing image in which a migrant being treated for dehydration is seen wearing flared jeans with a tucked in golf polo. 

Sean Hannity featured the image in his opening monologue saying, “He clearly put no thought into the outfit, you can also see there are holes in his jeans and they’re NOT the fashionable sort.” Hannity went on to fight back against liberal accusations that he isn’t empathetic towards migrants, saying, “You expect me to have empathy for a man wearing a tie-dye shirt with plaid shorts?” Multiple sources confirmed that a migrant seeking asylum after his family was murdered by the cartel was caught wearing that exact outfit.