Bacon-wrapped pulled pork on a wooden cutting board

LIFE HACK: How To Love Jesus In The Brief Pause Between Mouthfuls Of Pulled Pork

AMERICA— As we enter BBQ season, it seems like everyone has their own special techniques, styles and tips for grilling meats but sometimes they forget the most important part…Jesus.

It’s easy to love Jesus when life is good, like when your mouth is full of pulled pork. It becomes suddenly harder once you’ve swallowed and you’re in that weird in-between stage of having just eaten pulled pork, and being about to eat more pulled pork. This is actually when it’s most important to love Jesus.

So instead of thinking, “that was delicious, I’m going to have another bite,” try thinking, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I love Jesus.” Yup, it’s that easy! It could also be a life-saver.

Choking incidents occur right after swallowing, which not coincidentally is the exact time people forget to love Jesus. So next time you and your loved ones gather in the backyard to eat some BBQ, don’t forget to constantly be thinking about and loving Jesus, otherwise you could choke and possibly even die.