teacher pointing to a crossed out picture of a gun

THEY HATE AMERICA: Liberals Are Trying To Remove The 2nd Amendment From The Pledge Of Allegiance

Liberal interest groups have launched a pressure campaign aimed at forcing public schools to remove the Second Amendment from the Pledge of Allegiance. The scary part is that the liberalized education system may have already done most of the work for them.

Project Veritas recently went undercover in public schools across the nation and found that in the majority of classrooms, children are skipping straight from “one nation,” to “under God.” For all we know this has been going on for decades and may even be a contributing factor as to why younger generations are less supportive of gun rights. 

“Taking the words ‘with guns’ out of the Pledge is what we call indoctrination by omission,” said Jason Hess, a conservative education specialist. He went on to warn that, “If this continues, we may reach a point where students are being indoctrinated to such a degree that they aren’t compelled to touch their heart, stare at a flag, and in unison pledge their allegiance to the country, Second Amendment, and God every morning at all.”

If the liberals have their way, the dystopian scenario Hess lays out could quickly become reality.