Football player kneeling

THEY HATE AMERICA: Liberals Are Trying To Lengthen The National Anthem To Give Protesters More Time To Kneel

WASHINGTON, DC— The Democratic party has been tip-toeing away from patriotism for years but lately it feels like they’re at an all out sprint. The latest battleground? They want to lengthen the National Anthem to give protesters more time to kneel. 

A bill endorsed by both Nancy Pelosi and AOC is making its way through the House and will label the National Anthem as discriminatory on the basis that it denies peaceful protestors their full First Amendment rights by cutting them off early. 

As has become the norm, infighting amongst the Democrats has delayed the proposal. Nancy Pelosi and the moderate wing of the party are arguing for a doubling in length while AOC and “The Squad” say the National Anthem should not end until all protesters have finished kneeling. 

The bill is likely to be passed along partisan lines in the House, however, it is unlikely to garner the 60 votes needed in the Senate to become law.