A crowd of people holding up signs protesting Asian hate

DISTURBING TREND: Annoying Liberal Reactions To Hate Crimes Are On The Rise

NEW YORK, NY— Data from the Fox News opinion desk, a nonpartisan organization that tracks liberalism, shows a massive recent spike in liberals reacting annoyingly to hate crimes.

Anytime liberals get on the air and react to a hate crime, the nation is rightly disgusted. This latest uptick has been particularly upsetting as it seems liberals are specifically targeting hate crimes against Asian Americans in their annoying reactions.

“Every time a hate crime occurs I’m scared to even turn on the T.V.” Jake Belly, 74, told us. He continued, “I just know there’ll be some preachy liberal lecturing the nation about how tragic hate crimes are. I want to cry. I don’t know how many more of these irritating reactions to violent, hate-based crimes my old soul can take.”

If you have been the victim of listening to a liberal respond to a hate crime in a way you found annoying, we urge you to contact us and get your story out there.