Ben Shapiro at a podium with an American flag in the background and two cameras pointed at him

“LIBERAL LIES”: Ben Shapiro Denies Claim He Gave Wife Orgasm

LOS ANGELES, CA— In a rare step, Ben Shapiro convened a press conference early this morning to publicly deny claims that he gave his wife an orgasm.

“First the liberals tried to paint me as a transphobe, then as an antisemite even though I’m Jewish. That all failed, so now they’re trying to deplatform me by smearing me as some kind of sex pervert,” Shapiro told reporters. He continued, “No, I did not give my wife an orgasm. That is not only ludicrous, it’s physically impossible. Look, biology doesn’t care about your feelings. I understand that some women believe they’re experiencing orgasms and I pity them, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to share in their delusions.”

Shapiro spent the next 20 minutes lecturing the press on the anatomical structure of vaginal tissue, the myth of the clitoral orgasm, and the shameful joy of the male orgasm. Shapiro then asked if there were any teenagers in the room who would like to debate him on gender theory. When nobody responded, Shapiro smiled, whispered, “cowards” into the microphone, and walked off stage.