Man wearing sombrero with his mouth on a big bubble and a background of stock market numbers

RUINING THE ECONOMY: Illegal Immigrants Are Creating Reckless Financial Instruments To Artificially Inflate Asset Bubbles For Their Own Gain

Once again, illegal immigrants are designing reckless financial instruments to artificially inflate asset bubbles and line their own pockets at the expense of the American public. 

“Ain’t nothing worse for the economy than an illegal immigrant,” says Larry Silcox, leader of United Constitutional Patriots, a militia that guards the US-Mexico border. He continued, “They sneak into this country and immediately start executing irresponsible, highly speculative trades on Wall Street. Them asset bubbles they’re inflating are gonna pop. When that happens it’ll be us poor Americans who’re gonna suffer at the hands of these unscrupulous Wall Street Mexicans.”

Nobody forgets 2008, when undocumented immigrants, working for major financial conglomerates, inflated and then popped the subprime mortgage bubble leading to the Great Recession. Economists are warning the Biden administration that if something isn’t done to stem illegal immigration, these unethical, tax-dodging, multi-millionaires will steer our economy towards an even worse crisis.