A gun being pointed at an arm with a "HYPOCRITE" tattoo holding a hand up

HYPOCRITES!: Liberals Call For Gun Control Even Though Many Of Them Have Never Been Shot

WASHINGTON, DC— The Heritage Foundation released a much-anticipated study on the anti-gun lobby and the results are shocking. The study found that of people calling for gun reform, not only have the majority never been shot, but more than 99% have never even been shot at.

Conservatives love to laugh at gun control advocates for their absurd attempts to fabricate a link between America’s world-record level of gun ownership and world-record level of gun violence. But to find out that many of these Second Amendment haters don’t even have a bullethole to complain about is unsettling. That they want to ban guns but have never even had a bullet whiz by their head? Well that’s just scary.

Fortunately, we are blessed to live in a country where good guys with guns are everywhere, ready to protect anyone and everyone, even the never-been-shot hypocrites calling for the confiscation of these life-saving weapons.