Donald Trump with hand on heart and a background with a deer and trees and snow

HANNITY: If Global Warming Is Real Then Why Is It Snowing In This Gorgeous Picture Of Donald Trump?

Adapted from Sean Hannity’s opening monologue:

NEW YORK, NY— The lying, fake news, far-left Democrats say you have to take their word for it that “global warming” is real and if you ask any questions then you’re an idiot. Well I don’t believe that folks and on this show we’re not afraid to ask the important questions without the partisan spin. So tell me, if “global warming” is real, how come it’s snowing in this absolutely stunning picture of Donald Trump? How do “climate scientists” explain the snowflakes dancing around the dashing frame of the greatest president ever to live? Why is the winter light accentuating Mr. Trump’s statuesque features as the winter sun sets behind his powerful figure? There’s even snow accumulating on the frozen ground beside his mighty legs. So please, do tell, if “global warming” is so real, then why is snow falling from the heavens upon the greatest man in the greatest country on Earth?