Map of California with crime scene tape over it

Liberal Gun Control Policy Leaves Most Californians Dead

CALIFORNIA— The majority of Californians are dead after the state passed what it termed common-sense gun control laws. Within minutes of the bill’s passage, bad guys with guns descended upon the newly-undefended population and chaos ensued.

Tragically, no citizens were able to protect their families, and all of their families are now dead. Adding to the mounting death toll are hunters, who, without quick and easy access to brand new firearms, were unable to kill their prey and starved.

In response to the chaos, the government has declared martial law. With 1% less guns in civilian’s hands, the public no longer has the firepower needed to fight this overreach. All private property has been seized and taxes have been raised to 100%.

The worst part is how avoidable this was. Conservatives have long warned that easy access to guns is what keeps our country safe from guns. It’s doubtful, but perhaps the Left will finally wake up to just how dangerous gun control is.