A strawman sitting on a bench next to some pumpkins with a sign that says "Hello my pronouns are"

SHOULD BE STRAWPERSON?: Liberals Claim “Strawman” Isn’t Gender Inclusive Enough, They Are Demanding Control Over The Entire English Language

Liberals say “strawman” isn’t gender inclusive and should be changed to “strawperson.” 

This idea that the Democratic Party should have complete control over the language that we speak and think in is preposterous. 

If a far-left political party is given control over the entire language, they’d have the ability to change the words whenever they want. This means socialists could rip up the dictionary and replace every word with some absurd “woke” alternative.

When Democrats wanted universal background checks for gun purchases, conservative media successfully argued that this attempt to take away all of our guns and leave us undefended from murderers was unconstitutional. When liberals tried to give DACA recipients a path to citizenship, right-wing talk show hosts stepped up and stopped this plan to open our borders and allow millions of murderers into our country.  

This latest attack on our country from the Left is nothing new. It’s time for conservative media to do what they do best and attack this “strawman” thing with everything they’ve got!