Rosie the Riveter with arm raised holding FoxNews microphone, we can do it above her, pen signing paper on left side, wads of 100s on right side

FEMINISM WIN: Fox News Closes Gender Wage Gap By Paying Women To Sign NDAs

Fox News has always been a leader in the media. They called the 2000 presidential election for Bush before other networks dreamed of it, shattered the record for most time spent covering an incident in Benghazi, and without Tucker Carlson’s Pulitzer Prize deserving reporting there would still be straight white conservatives who don’t feel victimized.

In yet another groundbreaking move, they’ve now closed the gender wage gap by paying large undisclosed sums to female employees. What’s more, the news organization is not even looking for credit. In fact, Fox News is forcing the women to sign NDAs, presumably so that they don’t run around bragging about their generous employer.

Fox News has not responded to a request for comment but an inside source tells us that executives are in an almost “panicked frenzy” to shell out even more money to the women behind the scenes of this incredible network.