A blurred out banana and two circular fruits next to Ronald Reagan's bust

WAR ON CONSERVATIVES: Facebook Is Now Censoring Images Of Ronald Reagan’s Penis

MENLO PARK, CA— The latest Big Tech assault on conservatives is so absurd it could have been taken straight from the pages of a dystopian sci-fi novel. Facebook is now censoring images of Ronald Reagan’s penis. Don’t believe it? Go try and post a picture of the Great Communicator’s dick on your newsfeed right now and see what happens. Your account will be suspended for the vaguely worded offense of, “violating Facebook community standards.” They are even blurring out the crotch in fully clothed pictures of Ronald Reagan. First they came for QAnon, then they came for Trump and now they’re coming for Reagan’s schlong. Cancel culture is a slippery slope and Big Tech is skiing down it at full speed. When they come for you will anyone be left to stop them?