Split-screen of Sean Hannity looking upset on Fox News and "Media Bias" overlayed on newspapers. An airplane in the bottom right corner.

HANNITY: Here’s What I Say To Critics Who Claim Trump Can’t Hold Me In The Air With His Legs And Pretend I’m An Airplane

Adapted from Hannity’s opening monologue:

NEW YORK, NY— That the liberals have gone too far should surprise nobody. As I’ve said on this show over and over again, the biggest threat to our democracy is the far left and at this point that includes not just the entire Democratic Party but also their cheerleaders in the fake news media who, by the way, are just as dangerous. I’ve actually been holding my punches on fake news, anti-American organizations like The New York Times and Washington Post. That ends today. They’ve attacked me before, but this time…it’s personal. You can say what you want about my show or my beliefs, but when you attack my relationship with President Trump you cross a line. The New York Times claimed Trump can’t hold me in the air with his legs and pretend I’m an airplane. The fact checkers at the Washington Post backed them up. Can you believe that folks? Well I’m here to tell you that he CAN and he DID. How dare you failing news organizations call me a liar. The American people see right through your charade!