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BEAUTIFUL: Crisis Pregnancy Center Saves Another Woman From Pursuing Career Path

ATLANTA, GA— Macy Walker was a first-year medical school student with dreams of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon when she was blessed with an accidental pregnancy. She quickly decided on an abortion since she wasn’t ready for kids and wanted to continue pursuing her dream career. That’s when God stepped in by steering Macy into a similarly-named crisis pregnancy center right next to the abortion clinic she thought she’d entered.

The saints at Atlanta Woman’s Center welcomed Macy with open arms and gave her all the love and misinformation she needed to miss her window for legally obtaining an abortion. Like so many young women lucky enough to find themselves in a crisis pregnancy center, Macy then got to experience the miracle of unwanted childbirth.

While going through a twelve-hour labor was certainly uncomfortable, Macy was mercifully spared from three remaining years of medical school, six years of residency and who knows how many stressful decades of performing open-heart surgery.

In proof she made the right decision, Ms. Walker is now a successful single mother who loves her son so much that she works three part-time jobs in order to support him.