Newspaper showing Biden winning 2020 election next to a face-palming Jesus statue

IS HE THAT GREAT?: Can Jesus Ever Truly Forgive Those Who Voted For Biden?

Jesus enlightened the masses, weaved the moral fabric our society was built upon, and heck, the guy even sacrificed himself for our sins. But now our Lord and Savior faces His greatest challenge yet: Can Jesus truly forgive those who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election? 

It’s easy to imagine Jesus forgiving 10 of these sinners, or even 10,000, but 81 million seems like a tall order. We know He’s great, but is He that great?

Some Evangelical Christians worry He may not be. However, instead of losing faith, they’re stepping up to help Him out. In a beautiful show of Christian charity, these servants of the Lord are going door to door and forgiving liberals for voting Biden into office. They are even offering the chance to repent and donate money to the Republican Party.

Let us have faith and pray that these miserable souls accept Jesus into their hearts and vote for God’s ordained president, Donald Trump, in 2024.