student running down school hallway with ICE officer following

BRAINWASHED: 2nd Graders So Indoctrinated They Cried When ICE Deported Classmate

HOUSTON, TX— If anyone still needed proof that the liberal agenda is being taught in public schools, they got it today. An entire class of 2nd graders was so deeply indoctrinated, they cried as their illegal immigrant classmate was physically removed from the classroom and deported by ICE. 

One especially brainwashed pupil, Samantha King, repeated, “it isn’t fair” between sobs, essentially advocating an open border policy. Her teacher did not explain the criminality of their ex-classmates’ presence, opting instead to console Samantha with a pat on the back, implicitly endorsing her far-left immigration stance.

When interviewed after the incident, not a single eight-year-old in the class displayed even a primitive understanding of the burdens that illegal immigrants place on the taxpayer.