man wearing MAGA hat and deplorable shirt next to young black woman's smiling headshot

CAN YOU SPOT THE DIFFERENCE?: Anti-Masker Worries He’ll Be Mistaken For A Fully Vaccinated Person Following CDC Guidelines

Unvaccinated anti-maskers are growing increasingly upset by being mistaken for fully vaccinated Americans following CDC guidelines. 

“Just the other day some woman wearing an NPR shirt smiled at me like we were on the same page,” reported Dale Morton, 53. He continued, “Only a few weeks ago that same woman would have glared at my unmasked face with contempt.”

This is far from an isolated incident. Donna Fowler, an anti-masker, was willing to share her story: “A stranger in line at Costco turned to me and said, ‘Isn’t it great we’re all vaccinated and can take our masks off?’ It was appalling. I looked her right in the eye and told her, ‘I never wore a mask and I’ll never get vaccinated.’ Instead of cowering in fear or chastising me, she calmly said, ‘that’s your prerogative.’ Where is the outrage?”

In an attempt to avoid confusion, some have taken to wearing stickers proudly announcing their unvaccinated status. Others have found solace in strutting bare-faced into institutions still requiring masks such as the DMVs, liberal arts colleges, and hospice wards.