white man on makeshift raft in middle of water

THE BIDEN EFFECT: Americans Are Sailing To Cuba On Makeshift Rafts To Flee Socialism

HAVANA, CUBA— In what’s being dubbed “The Biden Effect,” Americans are now sailing to Cuba on make-shift rafts to flee socialism. 

“I watch enough Fox News to know Joe Biden is communist AOC’s puppet,” Harold Weaver, 56, told us. He continued, “I sold my business for a fraction of its value before Biden could seize all private property. I left my wife after she accepted a desperately needed stimulus check that she hadn’t earned in the marketplace. My children asked me why taxing the rich at a slightly higher rate was a bad idea and I couldn’t believe Biden’s virulent strain of socialism had already infected them. I let them know I was going out for a pack of smokes and I headed straight for Cuba.”

Many who attempt the treacherous journey disappear and are presumed dead but Weaver is one of the lucky few who reached the Cuban shore and freedom along with it. He spoke to us from Havana, telling us, “I still get Fox News and it’s terrifying to watch my old country falling apart. But even if the United States doesn’t completely crumble, Joe Biden will always put Cuba before the American people so it’s truly a win-win to live here.” 

A recent Fox News poll shows that over 70% of Republicans consider Cuba less socialist than Biden’s regime and it is estimated that emigration to the Caribbean island nation will only increase as the weather warms up.